Costa Georgiadis Opens Local Community Garden

Costa Georgiadis

Costa Georgiadis

Costa Georgiadis from ABC’s Gardening Australia was the special guest and judge at the official opening of our long awaited community garden. The concept and location met with some opposition for a variety of reasons but after eighteen months of hard work the dream has finally come to fruition.

The ‘Lost Plot Community Garden’ was opened by the Mayor, Peter Bessling, and the extra special guest, Costa Georgiadis, infused the crowd with his passionate and infectious presentation.  I’ve long been a fan of Costa but after today, I am an even bigger fan after being up close and seeing first hand his irrepressible enthusiasm for gardening.

A small sample of the scarecrows on view

A small sample of the scarecrows on view

There was a good turnout of locals eager to find out more about the community garden.  To see so many fellow gardeners or would be gardeners in one place was heart warming because it clearly showed that people are interested in growing their own food.

Workshops for no dig gardening, propagating and worm farms were provided for anyone attending.  For those needing a bite to eat or something to slake their thirst there was a delicious and healthy selection of snacks, meals, cold drinks and coffee for sale.


Costa also judged and announced the winner of the scarecrow competition which had entries from the local schools.  The scarecrows varied greatly and it was fabulous to see the thought and creativity that went into each one.

Raised Garden Beds

The raised garden beds were built from hardwood by members of the local Mens Shed – great work guys.   Ready made corrugated colourbond gardens were also used.

Raised Garden Beds

Hardwood garden beds

Amenities Block

It was exhilarating to see the Nature Loo compost toilet which will save many litres of good drinking water from going down the drain.

Cute out  house using Nature Loo compost toilet system

Cute out house using Nature Loo compost toilet system


The community garden sports three compost bays which will ensure all garden waste is converted into a rich soil conditioner.

Herb Spiral and Compost

Herb spiral and compost bays

Herb Spiral

A herb spiral showcasing an arrange of herbs was set amongst the ground level garden beds.  The garden beds utilised a keyhole design which enable easy access and increases the amount of ‘edge’ space.


Rainwater Tank

Rainwater tank and new garden beds – as yet unplanted

A small rainwater tank harvests rainfall from the roof of the undercover area. Although this will be insufficient for all the watering needs it will reduce the use of town water.

Taps connected to the town water supply are placed throughout the community garden. A small creek cuts across the rear of the plot and this may be developed into an educational wetland in the future.

The garden is open each Saturday but this may change over time according to the needs of the members.


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2 Responses to Costa Georgiadis Opens Local Community Garden

  1. Tanya Atkins says:

    Hi…I don’t know where this community garden was built. Did it say. Such a great project and I would like to see one in every town. Both for education, fellowship, remedial physical and mental emotional help and just pure enjoyment and admiration of creativity and natural beauty.

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